Making the Most of Driving in Your Car

Making the Most of Driving in Your Car

Can You Perform Dent Repair Yourself?

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Fixing a dent in your car may not seem like an urgent issue, but it's not recommended that you just ignore dents and dings on your vehicle. Depending on the overall depth of the dent, this can allow rust to form, which can then spread to a vehicle's mechanical parts. A car's doors also help to absorb impact during a collision to keep you and your passengers safer in the vehicle's cab. A dent or ding can also look downright unsightly! While you may be thinking of trying to address a dent or ding yourself, note a few considerations to keep in mind about this type of repair, so you can make the right decision for getting your car or truck fixed properly.

Depth of dent

A small ding in a door panel might be bumped out with a simple tool that works like a plunger, pulling the door surface until it's smooth again. However, deeper dents don't typically pop out quite so easily, and if the metal has been sheared, it needs to be joined together again to keep rust from forming. For a bonding agent to stick, the metal may need to be roughed up with a good sanding, and this can be difficult to do without damaging the metal and the paint. For all these reasons, if the dent that needs fixing is more than just a ding, you might leave it to a dent repair professional.

If rust has appeared

If rust has already formed in the dent, this needs to be removed before that dent can be filled in and painted over; even with a rust-inhibiting paint, that rust could easily spread after a repair is performed. Removing the rust thoroughly can be difficult, but leaving even small amounts of rust can allow it to keep spreading. If you notice any rust in the dent or ding, it can be good to let a professional remove it. He or she may even decide that the damaged panel is so rusted that it needs outright replacing.

Area of dent

If a dent is on the trunk lid or engine hood, or in a quarter panel that is away from the driver and passenger areas, this may not compromise your safety, but a dented bumper or a door panel can mean suffering a greater impact during a collision and a greater risk of injury. Let a professional repair those areas of a vehicle, to ensure the repair is done right and the car body and frame are both strong and secure.


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