Making the Most of Driving in Your Car

Making the Most of Driving in Your Car

Why You Should Always Choose a Side Tipper Trailer Against the Alternative

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If you have a major construction job ahead and will need to move a lot of materials from one point to another as you excavate, you will be considering your choice of equipment. You need to make sure that your selection comes within a budget, of course, but you definitely want to ensure that you choose models that are versatile and, importantly, practical. What type of tipper trailer should you choose to make life as easy as possible for your operators and cut down on maintenance as well?

End Versus Side

Many contractors may turn to conventional tippers that are designed to evacuate materials through the rear door. These are in widespread use everywhere, and you may be forgiven if you think that they are automatically the superior choice. Yet there are many reasons why you should choose a product that tips from the side instead.

More Practical

When you need to empty a load at the destination, you may need to manoeuvre the truck and trailer several times simply to achieve your objective. After all, when the tipper is elevated to its maximum height, the rear flap door may well get caught on the material as it slides out. This may trap some of the material within the tipper until you move forward in order to free up the tailgate.

Lower Maintenance

If you use a side tipper, you won't come across the tailgate problem, and you may be able to cut down on maintenance as well due to simpler equipment. After all, you won't need powerful rams and hydraulic feed to lift up the tipper to the same height. This cuts down on the number of individual parts to go wrong and, consequently, your annual maintenance bill.

Value for Money

Tippers that evacuate from the rear tend to wear out more quickly, simply due to the movement of materials on board. Some of that material will need to travel from the very front all the way to the rear, and this can have an effect on the condition of the floor.

On-Road Safety

Finally, it may be easier to secure the load when you are ready to leave the worksite and move on to your destination. The tarps are relatively simple to fit and tie down, making this type of trailer the more logical choice.

Making Your Selection

Talk with your trailer supplier and appreciate all the benefits associated with a side tipper trailer.


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