Making the Most of Driving in Your Car

Making the Most of Driving in Your Car

Advice on Lowering a Car's Leaf Suspension

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Lowering your car's suspension gives it a different look and feel when you are driving it around. Consult an auto mechanic if you have a coil sprung suspension system. However, if you are mechanically minded and want to have a go at lowering your car's leaf suspension system – a job that is a bit easier than adjusting coil-based suspension system – then read the following guidance. You will need a universal lowering block kit with U-bolts plus jack stands, tyre chocks and some basic hand tools.

Step One – Raise Your Car

In order to gain access to the underside of your vehicle, you will need to get it off the ground. If you don't have a hydraulic car lift as most auto mechanics do, then you will need to jack your car up. Once your car has been raised at one end, put jack stands underneath to prevent the car from falling down if the jack slips. Tyre chocks should be placed against the two wheels that remain on the ground, so the car does not begin to roll away.

Step Two – Release the Suspension Spring

Now you have access to your car's leaf suspension system you will be able to loosen it by untightening the U-bolts on the underside of the car. These are connected to long U-shaped parts which sit around the suspension system and the car's axle. All you will need to complete this job is a spanner or a socket set.

Step Three – Jack Up Your Axle

With the U-bolts loosened, it is possible to raise your car's axle using your jack. Do this at one side of the car first, using it to raise the axle to a sufficient degree so you can fit a universal lowering block between the axle and the leaf springs of the suspension system. This will allow your car's suspension to be in a new, lower position once you have finished.

Step Four – Tighten Everything Back Up

Lower the jack a little until the axle sits snugly against the new block you have fitted. Now, place new U-bolts onto the suspension system so that everything is held in a fully secure manner with the bolts and the axle back in position.

Step Five – Complete the Other Side

All you need to do is to repeat steps three and four for the other side of your car so that the suspension is at an equal height both left and right. If you want, you can lower the suspension at both the front and the back of your car, although this will obviously need four lowering blocks.

If you are in doubt about your work on completion, then get a qualified mechanic to inspect the job for you. 


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