Making the Most of Driving in Your Car

Making the Most of Driving in Your Car

What is AC Regassing -- and How Does it Work?

Greg Sutton

It's very important that you look after your car's air conditioning unit properly if you want to be able to rely on it during the blazing hot summer months. If you have your air conditioning unit checked and maintained each spring -- well ahead of the hottest months of the years -- you should be able to expect cool air all summer. In some cases, your car service provider will recommend an air conditioning system regassing. Here's what you need to know about ac regassing and how it works. 

What is AC Regassing?

Regassing is sometimes confused with refrigerant "top-off" (adding more refrigerant to the existing refrigerant.) An ac regassing is completely different, as it begins with the total removal of your car's refrigerant. Your mechanic will connect your car's air conditioning system directly to a specialised tool which safely suctions all refrigerant away. The old refrigerant is safely disposed of, and then fresh refrigerant is added until it's at the optimal level for your particular air conditioning system. With the new refrigerant in place, the air conditioning system is thoroughly tested to ensure that it reliably delivers cool air from all vents. 

When is Regassing Needed?

This can vary widely depending on your vehicle's air conditioning system. If your vehicle's air conditioning system isn't blowing as cool as it once did -- or if it's started blowing only warm air -- you may have a leak that requires repair, but it might simply be a problem of old refrigerant that needs replacement via regassing. Sometimes, a regassing is recommended only when you're actually having air conditioning system problems, but in other cases your car service provider might recommend it as a preventive measure.

Whilst regassing isn't considered standard maintenance and isn't done during normal ac check-ups, many mechanics recommend that you have it done every couple of years to keep your air conditioning system working at its optimal levels. 

Should You Ask Your Car Service Provider About Regassing?

If you've noticed that your air seems to be blowing a bit warmer and you want to be proactive about the issue, it's an excellent idea to speak to your car service provider about ac regassing. Whilst it will require a short stay at the car service shop (usually only around an hour or so if you have an appointment) it's well worth the time and money investment now to ensure that you have cool air heading into the hot months. 


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