Making the Most of Driving in Your Car

Making the Most of Driving in Your Car

3 Reasons You May Need to Consider a New Fuel Injection Kit

Greg Sutton

When you purchased your car, a standard fuel injection kit was installed. These stock kits can work well for most vehicles. However, if you have upgraded the throttle or if you have upgraded the engine in any way, the stock kit may no longer be ideal. You may start to notice issues with your car that would lead you to the stock fuel injector kit. These issues may mean upgrading your fuel injector parts and finding fuel injector parts for sale. Here are three of the reasons you may need to consider that new fuel injector kit and what to know about each issue.

1. Throttle Response

The first issue that may lead you to look at the fuel injection system is throttle response. If you start to notice that it is starting to take longer for your car to respond to increased power, then it may be the throttle. Your first step would be to clean the fuel injectors and run a fuel injector cleaner through your car. If you notice that the throttle is still not responding in the normal amount of time, then you should consider replacing the stock kit with upgraded fuel injection parts that better match your system.

2. Black Smoke and Emissions

The stock fuel injection parts on your car may not have been designed for the increased power and pressure you are putting on the engine. As you wear down the current fuel injection parts, you may start to notice black smoke or emissions from your car. This is a clear sign that you need to clean and replace some, if not all, of your fuel injection system. You can start with fuel injector parts for sale in kit form in order to replace the entire system in one step. This will greatly reduce your emissions issues while giving you the power and fuel response you need.

3. Increased Maintenance Issues

If you have an increase in the maintenance issues and appointments with engine knocking or cold starting, then it may be the fuel injector system. Continued knocking, cold starting and pinging can lead to costly repairs and breakdowns. By upgrading the fuel injection system, you can reduce the chances of these issues and help maintain your engine for longer between appointments.

These issues are only a few of the issues that you may start to notice in relation to fuel injection. If you have decided to upgrade your stock fuel injection kit, start looking to buy fuel injection parts. You can take the parts to your local mechanic to have them installed.


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